It used to be that all you had to do to secure your network and protect your data was to create a technical barrier around it and you were good to go. 遗憾的是,这已经不够了. Cybercriminals have evolved their tactics and the technology that your people work with every day has changed too. You’re probably using more cloud apps and have your people working from more locations than ever before and cybercriminals would love to exploit the vulnerabilities that you don’t know are there.

The bottom line is that yesterday’s cybersecurity strategy isn’t going to address today’s risks. The layers of security that you need for a modern approach to security include some tactics that you may not have had before.


The following list of cybersecurity tactics should be considered a starting point for effectively managing cyber risks. Use the list to ask your IT team questions that may uncover gaps in how you’re defending your cyber territory.

1. 多因素身份验证(MFA)

MFA is all about identity management and it has become the single most effective tool that you can use to prevent a cyber-attack. MFA verifies that the user who’s trying to get into a network or account is really who they say they are.

与良好的密码管理结合使用, MFA利用的东西,只有真正的用户有访问-像智能手机, 身份证或指纹——获得在线帐户或计算机的权限.

2. 最新的系统

Cybersecurity (and IT management) best practices include keeping the hardware and software in your IT systems up to date. 永远不要运行已经失去支持的软件——比如Windows 7——因为它无法打补丁.

Newer software runs best on modern equipment and certain security controls can’t be implemented on older software and slower computers. You’ll find that newer software has plenty of built-in security capabilities and you’ll get the most out of apps like MFA and EDR on up-to-date systems

3. mg游戏平台意识培训

Your employees should have ongoing training to help them recognize and respond to cyber-attack attempts. 教人们如何评估url, email addresses and common cybercriminal tactics will help them to become less susceptible to social engineering, 更懂得安全.

许多攻击是通过被黑客入侵的有效电子邮件帐户发生的. 当这种情况发生, an intruder could jump into an email stream and add a malicious link or attachment and spam filters wouldn’t catch it.

Cybersecurity awareness training teaches people what to look for and provides practice to spot business email compromises.

4. 模拟网络钓鱼

Along with cybersecurity awareness training comes practice at recognizing fraudulent messages that ask recipients to click a link, 下载一个附件或做一些他们不会做的事情,如转账. The user’s response to simulated phishing identifies those people who are more at risk for falling for a scam, 然后自动地进行更多的练习来培养更好的判断力.

5. 全面的电子邮件安全

It’s much better to keep phishing emails from hitting your employees’ inboxes in the first place so having an advanced email spam filter is essential. 过滤器可以配置为以不同的方式处理可疑电子邮件, 您还可以设置参数,以确定您希望软件如何处理可疑消息.

Spam filters also flag emails that are coming from outside of your organization so that if a message says “from your CEO” but it’s not really from your CEO, 他们会发现这是个骗局.

正如前面所提到的, 当网络罪犯可以控制一个有效的帐户, 他们的举动很难被发现, 因此,您需要整合不同层次的分析和检测的电子邮件安全.

6. 端点检测和响应(EDR)

终端是连接到网络的任何东西, 可以是笔记本电脑, 平板电脑, 智能手机或物联网设备. 端点是通往网络和数据的潜在大门,因此必须将它们锁定.

Endpoint security tools use Artificial Intelligence to actively look for and stop intrusions and hidden threats within the traffic coming and going from each device. 该软件还收集数据调查入侵,以便关闭安全漏洞.

7. 网关安全

网关监控进出网络的互联网流量. A secure gateway prevents unauthorized removal of data and intercepts malicious files from entering. Gateways also scan data sent to your cloud applications and prevent employees from accessing compromised websites that can unload malware or impersonate web pages where people may unknowingly give away their login and password information.

8. 种族隔离的备份

如果网络攻击接管了你的网络,那就是你的备份所在的位置, 这是个大问题. 只有当您能够获得恢复系统所需的文件时,备份才有用. 最佳实践是将备份与本地网络分开, 拥有备份设备上其他任何地方都没有使用过的唯一登录凭据.

9. 补丁管理

Cybercriminals actively look for backdoors in software that can give them entry to the computer that’s running the software. 而坏人却在寻找这些漏洞, 软件开发人员也是如此,他们会发布补丁,在发现漏洞时将其关闭. 在许多情况下,可以自动应用补丁, but some oversight is necessary to make sure that everything is up to date and functioning properly

10. 网络保险

No one can 100% guarantee that you’ll never have a cyber-attack so cyber insurance has become a must-have component of your cybersecurity strategy to cover costs incurred to stop the attack, 收拾残局, 让行动恢复正常.

You’ll get the best rates on cyber insurance if you can show that you’re making an acceptable effort to manage cyber risks. 过去被认为是正常的安全姿态现在被认为是软弱的, 而且你可能根本无法获得网络保险.

11. 安全的远程访问

与大流行前相比,现在在家工作的人可能更多了. 远程访问的安全性可以通过不同的进程来实现, 这取决于员工如何访问您的网络和信息. 如果他们使用远程桌面,确保他们通过VPN连接. 确保远程访问安全的其他技术包括SSL等安全网关. 无论你在做什么来确保远程访问的安全,都需要MFA来访问账户.

12. 安全策略

The nontechnical part of cybersecurity is about how employees access information and use company equipment. 在安全策略中详细说明您对这些行为的所有期望. Your policies will be most effective when employees know what to do and understand the consequences for not following your policies. 训练和强化行为是必要的,忽视它们的后果也是必要的.


这些mg游戏平台基础知识并不是供你挑选的单点菜单. It’s a starting point and the foundation for additional security layers that you might need depending on your business and industry.

每一层都需要建立一个有效的mg游戏平台策略. Use this list to start a conversation with your IT team to see if they have all your security bases covered. 如果你听到的不能给你信心, 或者你只是想获得一个客观的视角, mg摆脱网站进行mg游戏平台咨询.

在贝尔韦瑟,我们投资了建立坚实网络防御所需的专业知识和工具. We operate our own Security Operations Center (SOC) that is third-party verified for effective practices and processes.

mg摆脱网站进行mg游戏平台评估 and find out if your organization is missing basic security layers and exposing you to more risk than you want or need.